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Precious metal

Safety and reliability for demanding applications.
Precious metal

The extreme, rigorous conditions of mining processes establish a need for safe and reliable equipment.  Furthermore, the high demands of this industry call for efficient products that provide uninterrupted service.

De Dietrich Process Systems has been supplying units for customer applications involving ore processing, precious metal recover, feed and waste acid treatment for the production of a variety of explosives.  

Our equipment signature corrosion resistant construction is the ideal solution for even the most demanding service requirements.

More specific solutions are:

  • Reaction
  • Batch distillation
  • Drying

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  • Dissolving units
  • Stirred vessels
  • Batchdistillation
  • Nutsch
  • Filter
  • Pan dryer
  • Filter dryer
  • Engineering and design of standard or customized systems
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