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Halide Treatment

Process plants to handle highly corrosive halogens like chlorine, bromine and iodine as well as their salts and acids.

Halogens like chlorine, bromine and iodine are extensively used in the chemcial and pharmaceutical industry. The natural sources are their salts which are either mined or captured from seawater. The salts, the derived inorganic acids and especially the elementary halogenes are corrosive towards many materials except borosilicate glass 3.3 and enamel. Accordingly QVF®  and De Dietrich® components are ideal to built plants to handle these products. Due to this material advantage we have developped throughout the last decades our own know-how to process these highly corrosive halogens and their acid as (e.g.):

  • Bromine recovery and production from brines and process effluents
  • Debromination of brines and process feeds stream
  • Iodine recovery
  • Chlorine drying with sulfuric acid
  • Absorption of HCl, HBr, Cl2, Br2
  • Recovery and concentration of HCl and HBr
  • NaOCl production
  • Production of polyaluminumchlorides

We have built these types of plants around the world according to the highest international standards and most specific local regulations.

Your benefit of partnering with us to build a process plant is:

  • Proven and state-of-the-art process know-how
  • Safe equipment especially developed for these processes
  • Single-source responsibility
  • Reliable service through our global presence
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