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Acid concentration and more

DDPS has a unique combination of products and competences. Specialised and experienced chemical engineers work on all process-relevant questions from the customer enquiry, through internal planning and consultation up to commissioning of the plant on customer's site.
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Acid concentration and more
From a wide experience with corrosion resistant materials, DDPS is not only capable in designing and manufacturing a wide range of key process equipment, but provides also in-house process know-how. We offer:


Basic Engineering

  • Mass and energy balances
  • Trial Experiments in the QVF® pilot plant facility
  • Process flow diagram (PFD)
  • Preliminary layout of the plant
  • Apparatus and pump specification

Detail Engineering

  • P&ID
  • General arrangement drawing
  • Isometric drawing
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Valve specification
  • E&I Specification


  • Enquiry
  • Award
  • Project control
  • Acceptance


  • Construction management
  • Scheduling
  • Interface management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Acceptance coordination (PED)


  • Loop check
  • Test run with water
  • Commissioning
  • Performance test

Test facility

Individual process steps can be tested in the test facility if it is not possible to fall back on DDPS know-how for new products or processes. Therefor DDPS has a filter/drying test facility at Rosenmund site and one for chemical engineering at QVF® in Mainz.

The customer test facility is used to develop company-own components and processes as well as for testing and optimising customer-specific tasks. Also the production of small amounts of samples is possible.

Main focus acid concentration

Mineral acids are very important in chemical procedures. Not only as a reaction participant and catalyst, but also as an aid, as in the case of sulfuric acid for drying gasses or during extractive distillation, but also as a cleaning agent as used in the electronic industry.

Through our experience with corrosion-resistant materials, we have process know-how in mineral acid handling and offer you in part our own processes, such as for example the energy-saving concentration of nitric acids (USA 10/296,297).

By the combination of borosilicate glass and glass-lined steel you get most of the key process equipment from one source. We offer our know-how in:

Product recovery and product purification

  • Solvent recovery by evaporation, distillation and rectification like MDC, NMP, DMF, alcohols, Cleaning Solvent, etc.
  • Rectification of binary and multi-component mixtures (e.g. epichlorhydrin)
  • Production of absolute alcohol by extractive or azeotropic distillation
  • Recovery of organics by solvent extraction: phenol, pyridine, DMF, NMP
  • Recovery of metal salts and acids by solvent extraction: acetic acid, thioglycolic acid; Ferric chloride, ammonium molybdate
  • Dehydration of organics (amines, THF) by caustic packed bed adsorption
  • Purification of natural extracts (e.g. essential oils)

Waste water treatment

  • Stripping of partly miscible components (toluene, chloroform, MDC etc.)
  • Stripping of ammonia
  • Extraction of high boiling impurities without recovery
  • Multiple-effect evaporation of waste water with or without solvent recovery (e.g. NMP, DMF, phenol

Exhaust gas purification

  • Drying of SO2 or Cl2 using sulphuric acid
  • Absorption of HCl, HBr, SO3, and Cl2, Br2, SO2
  • Combined absorption of HCl and SO2
  • NOx-Absorption
  • Absorption of ethylene oxide or ammonia
  • Absorption and recovery of volatile organic components VOC
  • Solvent Condensation Unit

Recovery, Concentration and Purification of Mineral Acids

  • Sulphuric Acid Dilution
  • Sulphuric Acid Concentration
  • Nitric Acid Concentration
  • Denitration and recovery of mixed acids from nitration plants
  • Hydrochloric acid recovery
  • Concentration of HCl by extractive distillation or two pressure process
  • Purification of spent acids from etching processes
  • High purified (electronic grade) acids: HCl, HNO3, H2SO4

Reaction with halogens / HCl

  • Bromine recovery from sea water
  • Debromination/ bromine recovery from salt solutions
  • Iodine Recovery
  • NaOCl Production
  • H2S – Gas Production
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