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QVF® SUPRA-Line - The Component System

Comprehensive product line to built complete systems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Fully compatible to the different former glass systems.
QVF® SUPRA-Line - The Component System

The Superior Component System:


  • Comprehensive component system to built complete chemical systems
  • Superior glass system fully compatible to all former QVF® and SCHOTT® systems
  • Fire polished ball/socket and flat/flat type flanges connections for almost any application
  • Components with certified pressure rating for proven safety
  • Comprehensive measures eliminating electrostatic charges incl. simplified earthening 
  • Various valves with low dead volume and improved cleanability
  • Optimum reaction vessels for maximum heat transfer and best mixing
  • Modular shell&tube heat exchangers for various processes
  • Innovative column components for increased throughput and minimised height
  • Reliable ex-rated stirrer drives for long term operation
  • Ex-rated measuring and control equipement for industrial application

See glass in a new light QVF® SUPRA-Line: Fire polished flanges for high corosion resistance, certified tightness and easy cleanabilty

Spare Parts for Glass Systems of the last 60 Years


The QVF® brand has a rich history, throughout which it has developed and established itself as the embodiment of technical glass in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Consequently there are various flange systems in the market in addition to the WPR2002 and the KF SCHOTT flange system. Therefore, it was our objective to meet the market requirements to unify the various systems with compatibility and at the same time to increase their value.

The result is the QVF® SUPRA-Line which is up to DN300 based on and fully compatible with the proven KF and WPR2002 component system.In the nominal size range DN450-1000 the QVF® SUPRA-Line is identical to the WPR2002 system.

The superior QVF SUPRA-Line not only permits to built complete new chemical systems but to provide spare parts for the existing QVF and SCHOTT glass plants.

The Material Advantage - QVF® SUPRA-Line


  • One glass component system compatible to the glass systems of the last 60 years
  • Compatibilty for minimised stock of spare parts
  • CE-marked glass components for safe operation
  • Traceability due to the marking on the glass components
  • Material certificates for all surfaces in contact with the product
  • High precision geometry for easy service and plant modifications
  • Reliable proven industrial design for long term operation
  • High quality MADE IN GERMANY
  • 5 Years glass warrantee
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